Articles Recent News Egypt is preparing for the most luxurious funeral procession in history.

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Egypt is preparing for the most luxurious funeral procession in history.
Egypt is preparing for the most luxurious funeral procession in history.
Egypt is preparing for the most luxurious funeral procession in history.

Grandchildren of kings are mourning their grandfathers kings

Tahrir Square prepares for the passage of the kings and queens of ancient Egypt in a mythical, majestic procession, unprecedented in history
In a professional manner worthy of the greatest civilization in human history

From the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir to the Museum of Civilization in Fustat, NMEC

Forcing the whole world to move with all their senses to the time of ancient Egypt

22 kings and queens will be transported with the participation of old Egyptian style chariots
The largest craftsmen and artists in Egypt are now participating in their manufacture, and they will be drawn by purebred Egyptian horses
Under the full supervision of the Republican Guard Corps
With military parades, respect and reverence for the great ancestors.


Skanan Ra - Thutmose I - Ahmose Nefertari - Amenhotep I - Thutmose II - Queen Hatshepsut - Thutmose III - Amenhotep II - Thutmose IV - Amenhotep III - Ramses II - Merenptah - Seti II - Siptah - Ramses IV - Ramses V - Ramses IX - City I "/ All those kings and queens will be crossed in that charming and dazzling historical procession.


The murals on the itinerary (concrete murals on the roads and the perimeter of the embassies) are currently being decorated with pharaonic inscriptions and drawings with the participation of the youth of the Faculties of Arts. The royal music to be played during the passage of the procession, clothes and costumes for all the individuals and workers who will accompany him are being selected

We will see the grandchildren walking on the path of their ancestors and restoring their glory amid intense anticipation from the international media, which is eagerly awaiting the event. Under the title "Pharaohs are back"


Beginning with their departure from the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir, they will meet the obelisk and rams of Luxor again after a 3000-year separation surrounded by their favorite trees.
Palms, sedge, olives, sycamore, acacia and carob, all of the surrounding area is being developed
The buildings are being repainted, the slums are being removed, the El-Ayoun stream wall is restoring its glory, and Fatimid Cairo is being decorated to embrace the kings and queens of Egypt.


As for the way to display mummies in the museum, they will be impressive, the corridors leading to the mummy halls have been implemented along the lines of the corridors of the ancient Egyptian tombs, each king will display beside him his coffin, some of his possessions, a plate to identify him, his achievements, his proportions and his calculations, and a personal photo of him using artificial intelligence
The Museum of the New Administrative Capital, the Museum of Fustat, the Museum of Liberation and the Grand Museum are being linked together by a network of electric trains, monorails, subways, and electric, smart and two-cycle public transport buses, allowing the visitor to enjoy more than 350,000 unique and priceless artifacts on an unparalleled tour.