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08/02/2020 - 11:58:50 PM
Tahrir Square prepares for the passage of the kings and queens of ancient Egypt in a legendary and majestic procession

In a professional manner worthy of the civilization of ancient Egypt and its great rulers, the bodies of the kings and queens of Egypt will be transferred from the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir to the Museum of Civilization in Fustat NMEC (differs from the Great Museum GEM)

A legendary procession will make you feel like you moved with a time machine to the Pharaonic Egypt, where 22 king and queen will be transferred with the participation of military wheels in the old Egyptian style. Celebrating them under the supervision of the most skilled archaeologists

- Sakan Ra
- Tuthmosis the First
- Ahmose Nefertari
- Amenhotep the First
- Tuthmosis the Second
- Queen Hatshepsut
- Tuthmosis the Third
- Amenhotep the Second
- Tuthmosis the Fourth
- Amenhotep the Third
- Ramesses the Second
- Merneptah
- City II
- Sabbah
- Ramesses the Fourth
- Ramses the Fifth
- Ramses the Ninth
- First City

The murals on the itinerary (concrete murals on the roads and the surrounding of embassies) are being decorated with Pharaonic inscriptions and drawings with the participation of youth of the Faculties of Arts, and the royal music to be played during the procession and clothing and costumes of all individuals and workers accompanying him will be chosen.

His ritual (the royal procession) is an authentic Pharaonic custom that the Egyptian kings were most interested in, and today we promise them to restore their glories and implement a royal procession befitting them and their history and we will seek that the procession not be less than any procession they carried out during their lives, a procession that will be talked about by all the global news agencies under the title
“Pharaohs are back”

Beginning from their exit from the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir, they will meet the Obelisk and Rams of Luxor again after a 3000-year separation surrounded by their favorite trees; The palms, papyrus, olives, sycamore, acacia and carob, all the surrounding area are being developed, the buildings are being repainted, the slums are being removed, and the wall of the course of the eyes is restoring its glories, and the Fatimid Cairo adorns the embrace of good kings and queens.

As for the way the mummies are displayed in the museum, they will be impressive. The paths leading to the mummy halls were implemented along the lines of the ancient Pharaonic tombs. Each king will display his own sarcophagus and some of his possessions and a painting to introduce him, his accomplishments, proportions, proportions, and personal photos of him using artificial intelligence technology.

Connecting the New Administrative Capital Museum, the Fustat Museum, the Editorial Museum, and the Grand Museum together with a network of electric trains, monorail, subway, and smart and two-role public transport buses, allow the visitor to enjoy more than 350,000 unique and priceless artefacts on an unparalleled tour Starting from the new capital, Fatimid Cairo, Khedive Cairo and West Giza 🇪🇬